About Anago

Our Mission

Anago cultivates opportunities for at-risk youth and vulnerable adults to achieve independence through integration into communities of support.

Our Vision

A Community where individuals have meaningful connections and are inspired to realize their potential as active participants.

Our Values



We believe change is possible.  We are change catalysts for individuals, communities and systems.  We lead from one place to a better place.


We use evidence-informed practices to provide quality services.  Demonstrating our commitment to ethical and professional standards.


Connectivity is central to who we are.  We intentionally foster meaningful connections within our organization and with our community.  We use relationship-based interventions to support individuals in their growth.


We focus on people as active participants, honouring their wisdom, experiences, paths and stories.  We treat all people with dignity and care.


We steward the resources entrusted to us with competency, efficiency, transparency and care.  We measure progress and report results to demonstrate the value we add.


Anago’s Strategic Plan

Anago’s strategic plan outlines priorities, goals, and strategies that we believe will move us toward our vision of a community where individuals have meaningful connections and actively participate to realize their potential.  These initiatives are informed by what we heard from individuals receiving service, our staff, community and systems partners, members of the Board and subject matter experts.  In the next three years, we will live into this vision by focusing our initiatives and resources on:

Collaborations and Partnerships

To build shared capacities by strengthening existing collaborations and developing new partnerships.

Service Excellence

To provide quality services that are responsive to individual and community needs and support individuals as they transition into the community.


To bolster Anago’s financial agility through need-fulfilling, innovative services and enhanced brand loyalty.