Anago’s OBC Summer Experience Program

The venture all began during Anago’s OBC Summer Experience Program, when OBC Course Director, Kathleen Gurski introduced the girls to her personal passion, wakeboarding!  This sparked such interest in the girls, Kathleen knew she needed to go further than telling them about the sport, but letting them see it first hand.  In addition, introducing them to some of the best female athletes in the sport!  Kathleen quickly began sharing her “Anago” experience with those involved in the sport of Wakeboarding and the amazing owners of Windmill Lake Wake and Eco Park in Bayfield (also one of her favorite places to train).

The ball began rolling quickly and on August 27th, 2015, an incredible day was planned where the girls at APR could get in the water, face their fears, and experience the moment of great pride when they stood up behind that cable and succeeded!   This memorable day was made possible by the following generous supporters;   Kristyna Mracek, Rachel McLucky, Abby Taddei, and Kathleen Gurski, donating the cost of the activity fees at Windmill Lake, Jenn Pate and Windmill Lake donated all rental costs, Bryan Pady of Pady Sales who donated beautiful Billabong Purses for each girl participating, Vitamin Water, donating cases of Vitamin Water.

We thank these wonderful people for providing and sharing in a day filled with cheering, laughter and encouragement!

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To learn more about Windmill Lake Click the link —>Windmill Lake