Anago Resources Board of Directors

Anago is looking for volunteer board members to participate on an engaged and dynamic board.  Anago builds stronger communities by helping at risk and vulnerable youth and adults through critical transitions in their lives with a focus on community justice, mental health and developmental disability services. Our vision is to provide a safe and inclusive environment that inspires individuals to realize their own potential resulting in a resilient and vibrant community.

Anago is looking for committed community members to serve on a friendly and very well-functioning policy-governance board, providing assistance and direction to the Executive Director.  The Board is currently seeking applicants with experience in one or more of the following areas:

*        law
*        labour relations
*        clinical
*        bilingual (French and English)
*        lived experience
*       quality improvement

Prior experience as a Board member is not required but is considered a strong asset.  Mentorship and orientation is provided for new Board members. Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings, committee meetings, events and fundraising activities.

Please apply with a cover letter and resume to the Board Development Committee at sarahlagrove@hotmail.com