In Tribute to Rob Chilvers

Teacher, Colleague and Special Friend to The BEE

chilvers1Superbly gifted and a painter at heart, Rob Chilvers often said that from an early age he “loved pictures and the emotions and messages that that pictures evoke in us all. ” Wonderful success followed for Rob as a Graphic Designer within the creative industry and then as a teacher devoted to students studying in the field, both at Fanshawe College and Western University.

Almost as if by design, it was Rob’s eagerness to share his love for visual expression as well as his astute understanding of youth, that shaped many of his convictions and enriched his contributions to Anago’s BEE project. Quite simply, in his volunteer role as a BEE Keeper, Rob inspired us all.

BEElieving in Action

From the outset, Rob was a driving force in launching The BEE project. Looking at “the big picture” and the needs of a unique teenage audience, Rob was clearly a mastermind in naming and creating a design concept with the huge appeal of a special club. Included along with a BEE logo and t-shirts was a valuable strategy to evoke positive messaging, such as BEE yourself! Rob’s marketing and art experience with youth ensured that The

BEE activities would strengthen good

lifestyle choices, offer lots of fun and ultimately, capture the magic of believing.

chilvers2Like so many others drawn to his quirky sense of humor, creativity, and English mannerisms, our young BEE members connected with Rob and in doing so, also discovered a friend who was a realist and fiercely supportive of their success. As an advocate for post- secondary education, Rob encouraged everyone involved to open new doors for Anago youth at Fanshawe College and beyond.

For those who knew Rob, who could ever forget his exuberance and knack for cool, arty ideas? There are countless “Rob” stories but a favourite is the making of a large, action-style painting, reminiscent of Jackson Pollock. That day, excitement and exhilaration took hold as BEE members, big and small, got down on their hands and knees over a canvass meticulously

prepared by Rob, making their marks with brushes, their hands and even bare feet. Memorable, too, was Rob’s subse- quent desire for a “proper unveiling” to celebrate our masterpiece. That work of art, pictured here, now hangs prominently in Anago’s Parkhill Residence.

chilvers3An Enduring Legacy

In honoring Rob’s professional and personal contri- butions, the School of Design at Fanshawe College has dedicated a garden at the site of the Anago- Parkhill Therapeutic Care Residence. Fanshawe students from the Landscape Design and Horticul- ture Technician programs participated in the design and installation of an arbor and plantings.

Rob Chilvers had the remarkable ability of seeing and treating everyone as individuals. In that gener- ous spirit, given with humility, he made us con- scious of our own potential, challenging each of us to BEE the best we can. It was his wish that memo- rial contributions in his name support the ongoing work of The BEE.

We miss Rob but know that in his own inimitable style, he would likely say The BEE is “hotting up”, now infusing within us a wonder of brighter possibilities.

Mary Flannigan Hockin
Bee Keeper, The BEE Project
December 2013


The Rob Chilvers Memorial Fund has accumulated $1515.11 in donations to date. Due to Rob’s work and passion for The BEE project, the Bee Keepers and Anago’s Executive Director have decided to donate $500.00 ffrom the Rob Chilver’s Memorial Fund to the Anago (Non) Residential Resources Inc. Bursary Fund.