The Bee

thebee1“The BEE Project”, initiated in 2010, is a collaboration between Fanshawe College’s School of Design and the Anago-Parkhill Therapeutic Care Residence (APR) and is facilitated by College volunteers who also include Graphic Design faculty members. “The BEE” objectives are to provide APR youth with experiences that will help to improve interactive social skills, self-worth, build personal confidence and creative ability awareness. This group encourages the participants to seek and understand post-secondary options and ultimately aids in the process of returning APR youth to the normalcy of accepted social intercourse. The eight sessions which are held weekly in July and August at Fanshawe College, focus on arts and crafts projects, corelated to as many Fanshawe College programs as possible. Participants reported recently that 100% are more aware of post-secondary options and that 100% experienced improvement in social interactions, self-worth, personal confidence and creative ability. Outcomes are measured based on objectives.

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