Volunteer Opportunities:

Some People Want Change; Other People Make Change.

Anago volunteers are truly interested in empowering some of society’s most vulnerable members. They share our core values of respect, empowerment and accountability. As a volunteer you will work alongside a diverse team of creative, dynamic and passionate individuals who share the same belief that everyone has the power to change the world into a better place for all.

Our mission is to create volunteer opportunities for members of the community to assist Anago in providing equal opportunities to the individuals we support while facilitating the development of meaningful relationships and connecting them to their communities.


As an ANAGO volunteer you can:

Join our Board of Directors:

    • Lead Anago towards the vision of a just society and touch tomorrow
    • Learn corporate business skills and expertise that will assist you in your career
    • Advocate on behalf of the individuals we serve and be part of changing our communities for the better
    • Advocate on behalf of our dedicated staff to ensure that they are recognized, valued and compensated justly for the tremendous work they do

Share your expertise by getting involved with the friendship program – a one-to-one interactive volunteer position which allows you to teach persons with developmental challenges and “at-risk” youth skills in a variety of areas.

    • Athletics
    • Music and the arts
    • Yoga
    • Pilates
    • Crafts
    • Gardening
    • Cooking skills

Gain experience within the not-for profit sector by:

    • Planning and implementing fundraising events and projects
    • Volunteering as administration support

Please contact Anago to see how you can positively impact someone’s life. To get involved call Anago at 519-435-1099 ext. 0 or email us at employment@anago.on.ca.


We’d like to thank our generous donors who helped make the dream of a new teaching kitchen at the Anago-Parkhill Therapeutic Care Residence come true.


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